Home Inspection Report

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  • Sample Report(s)
  • Utilizing one of the leading home inspection software packages in the industry, Home Gauge, we deliver a comprehensive professional report within 48 hours. Our report includes:

    • Table of contents and key definitions to assist the reader in locating information and understanding key terms within the report;
    • Information regarding the date, time, weather, ground/soil conditions, approximate age of home, who was in attendance, etc., all of which may be helpful to the reader in understanding some of the findings within the home inspection;
    • Detailed comments on the condition of the roof, exterior, garage (if applicable), interior, structural components, plumbing system, electrical system, heating / central air conditioning, insulation / ventilation and built-in kitchen appliances; including detailed information on any items or components that need repair or do not appear to be functioning properly;
    • Summary of items, systems or components that do not function as intended, need repair, require the evaluation of a structural engineer, or present safety risks;
    • Pictures and video; appropriately labeled to document issues discovered during the inspection;
    • Complimentary pictures and video; showcasing key features of the home;
    • Comments regarding any areas of the home that could not be inspected due to restricted access, safety issues or utilities not being turned on;
    • Location of key components, e.g. water and gas shut-offs;
    • Copy of the inspection agreement;
    • Additional inspection reports for radon, mold, pool, spa or other components included in the inspection.

    We can deliver the report in the following forms:

    • Hard copy;
    • Electronic and by email in “pdf” format;
    • Electronic - customer can sign into our website and pick up the report;
    • Fax.

    At the customer’s request, we will be glad to deliver the report to the Realtor or any other party the customer requests.